2 comments on “Chicks n caps #29

  1. Hi hoops all day

    Hows it going, just checked out your pics online, some solid stuff, i just wanted to find out if you are interested in letting me use some of your photos and some unique prints for commercial use, I am about to Create my own brand based out of Papatoe, Auckland New zealand, the concept is im gonna make 100 limited edition t-shirts every month and sell allocated amounts thru friends around the world, i want to print unique designs by people around the world who deserve the recognition, since im from nz, i want my premium line to be our best street/underground artists from around nz, with normal line being from ungerground artists and photographers from around the globe, im not gonna charge a fortune for the tees since my target market is middle class workers, skaters and anything to do with independent movements against the corporate establishment, personally i think there aint enough decent clothing out there these days, too much of this hipster shit, and i want to take it back to the basics, to start off i wanna hook up with yall and use some of your photos from your website, there is no guaranteeing that my brand is gonna work, but i have connections with street wear shops around south east asia, so it should be alright, since the pics will be yours we want to print your website name on the tees for your recognition if you want, you have the rights to your own artwork, only thing is i aint got no major cash to pay you, so i was thinking 20USD for each Print, as times goes on and if its successful, we will hook up more and welcome you to join us for future ventures, also for every print we can print your credentials on every tee, please consider and let me know whats up

    kind regards

    Raj Pratap

    • Hey Raj!

      I think what you are doing is awesome! You can use all the photos You´ll find here for your brand. The website name on the tees would be tight too! Im looking forward for Your first shirt, and make sure you check back and let me know whats up.


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